Spear & Jackson 5110WF Traditional Stainless Steel Review

Spear & Jackson 5110WF Traditional Stainless Steel image 1This Spear & Jackson 5110WF Traditional Stainless Steel Spear and Jackson standard extended handled chrome steel weed fork characteristics a traditionally styled and weatherproofed 12-inch manage for the lengthier arrive at, generating the fork handy when working in borders, involving plants or anyplace in which you would want to stay clear of walking or kneeling and damaging the crops by now in position. The blade is produced from mirror polished stainless-steel which offers defense versus rust and minimum soil adhesion that makes for much easier cleansing. Spear and Jackson’s foundations were being laid in 1760, due to the fact the beginnings hundreds of years of practical experience and improvement have resulted within the components and advancement skills that resides within the company and continuous improvement is on the coronary heart of your company’s ethos. Spear and Jackson is among the world-wide brand name, distributing merchandise in the course of the earth. The equipment are made to your good quality conventional and give provider and longevity, ensured from problems in manufacturing, issue to usual put on and tear and the provision of realistic treatment and upkeep. This doesn’t influence statutory legal rights.

This Spear & Jackson 5110WF Traditional Stainless Steel long-handled fork may be the great resource for acquiring in among heavily planted borders, without having trampling your important vegetation. It can be created of hardwood and polished stainless steel – clearly designed to last a lifetime (a ten year assure is printed within the cope with). In addition it has a leather-based strap for hanging up inside the lose. All this for the remarkably modest cost. Spear & Jackson’s good reputation is maintained by this excellent instrument. Well designed, comfortable handle, good reach. The loop is helpful to hang the resource visibly during the garden drop! It is not possible at this early stage to comment on its durability, but first appearances indicate that it will be a software in our garden for many years to come. The Spear & Jackson 5110WF Traditional Stainless Steel extra length would help the infirm, but it is also good for the able bodied – access to the the back of a bed or the bottom of a deep hole, extract compost from a compost bin, and move less often when kneeling to weed.

Bought with a similar trowel for an aging relative. He finds gardening much less complicated with the very long handles reducing the need to bend down. He tells me the garden looks better as a result, and his knees are happy. Bought for an elderly relative who has trouble kneeling, the longer deal with will make gardening still possible. Brilliant idea and good good quality. Extra length stops her from bending so much and they seem very sturdy.

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  • Traditional hand weed fork with 12-inch handle
  • Mirror polished stainless steel head
  • Rust resistant with minimal soil adhesion
  • Hardwood shaft, weather proofed for greater durability
  • Tanged for knuckle clearance

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