Felco FEL7 Model 7 Classic Secateurs Review

Felco FEL7 Model 7 Classic Secateurs image 1Felco FEL7 Model 7 Classic Secateurs
– A one-hand pruning shear with a high efficiency as well as ergonomic design.
Item Emphasizes
– Reliable.
– Comfortable, light, durable handles made of forged aluminium with a life time warranty.
– A blade and also screw-mounted anvil blade made from high-quality set steel.
– It has a clean, exact cut.
– All parts could be replaced.
– Effective.
– Easy, sturdy cutting modification.
– with a wire cutting notch.
– equipped with a sap groove.
– Ergonomic.
– Hand as well as wrist security and also an optimisation of the force put in are given by the rotating handle.
– The angled head as well as the cushion-shock absorber help to decrease fatigue.
– With a non-slip coating.
Manufacturer’s Summary.
Felco Model 7 – Specialist Secateur.

A large secateur with a revolving handle which permits all-natural use the fingers, calling for as much as 30% less initiative, conserving sore hands as well as aiding to avoid tenosynovitis (tendon strain).

A Felco Ergonomic Secateur formed for convenience and also reliable usage.

Length. 21cm.
Felco claim that their Secateurs are recognised as the finest worldwide by horticulturists, professional cultivators as well as critical garden enthusiasts in more than 80 countries. Every Felco secateur goes through more than 100 quality assurance processes prior to leaving the producer.

Felco Classic Secateurs.
Manufactured given that 1945 and also designed with Swiss accuracy and also attention to information, Felco are identified as one of the fine devices on the planet by horticulturalists, expert farmers as well as discerning garden enthusiasts. Every Felco undergoes greater than 100 quality control procedures prior to leaving the maker.

Felco Version 7 Professional.
The Felco Version Number 7 – Specialist 7 is created ergonomic bypass secateurs for the expert. The Felco Model Number 7 has a revolving take care of that depends its axis permitting the fingers to relocate normally minimizing the blisters as well as hand fatigue that so frequently accompany long term trimming job.

This Felco FEL7 Model 7 Classic Secateurs swivel action requires approximately thirty percent less effort compared to standard versions as well as offers optimum comfort on constant pruning. The swivelling deal with may feel strange in the beginning but you will promptly come to question how you ever lived without it. You will certainly never ever regret getting a pair of these. The Felco FEL7 Model 7 Classic Secateurs have a great hold and also exact, solid cutting blades. They will certainly outlive less costly secateurs, making them far better value over their life time. Outstanding high quality secateurs with decent blades and also safety and security system.

They remain sharp for a great length of time despite having normal use and also are ergonomically comfortable to make use of. Besides this you can purchase extra blades, device and also springtimes. They got here extremely quickly in good product packaging. Used them for the very first time on the allotment raspberry cains. Cut through stems like butter in a clean very easy application. They not only function as explained however have the feeling of a product that will last for several years if cared for. Excellent.

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  • The Felco 7 Orcharding and Garden secateurs is best used for cutting tasks in your garden. It is best suited for twigs and plants with a diameter not larger than 2.5 cm.
  • The box contains the garden and orcharding secateur that is equipped with a wire cutting notch and a sap groove.
  • The shear provides a clean and precise cut for twigs and other plant parts up to a diameter of 25 mm.
  • The one-hand pruning shear has an ergonomic design through a hand and wrist protection and an optimisation of the force by a revolving handle. Furthermore it is equipped with a non-slip coating.
  • The sturdy handles are made of forged aluminium whereas the blade and the screw-mounted anvil blade are fabricated out of high-quality hardened steel-

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