Spear & Jackson Traditional Border Fork Review

Spear & Jackson Traditional Border Fork image 1This Spear & Jackson Traditional Border Fork  is the perfect addition to your garden. The handle is constructed from hardwood, giving an attractive, yet durable finish. It is built in one piece, split to form a comfortable wishbone handle, giving a smooth line from bottom to top. This attractive look is achieved whilst maintaining a weatherproofed finish, so you are safe to use it out in the elements. The head itself is constructed from mirror polished stainless steel. This means that it is both resistant to rust as well as keeping soil adhesion to a minimum.

A very lightweight garden fork suitable for all to use from grown-ups to quite small children (under supervision of course). Compared to many traditional garden forks, this border fork is really light and easy to use. The stainless steel prongs slip easily in and out of even heavy clay soil, and the narrow head makes it easy to use in confined spaces. A solid, well put together tool, which feels good in your hands, not cheap & plasticky. This Spear & Jackson Traditional Border Fork border fork is strong, not too heavy and just exudes quality – well almost, as you had to rub smooth a catchy bit of the wooden shaft where the it goes into the stainless end. Whenever one of you French gardening friends sees, it and tries it, they can’t believe how ergonomically well produced the handle design is.

This is a quality product at a reasonable price. The manufacturer must have been reading all the reviews here where a prong has snapped off as they now include a warning sticker telling you not to use the fork to lever things up-rather to only use it for tilling the soil. Understandable, but if you honest you probably have used previous folks to do this with the inevitable result. Cuts down on heavy work. Used two or three times but one of the tines seems to be beding. This came well packaged and earlier than you was expecting. The Spear & Jackson Traditional Border Fork rake itself is of good quality. The long wooden handle is great – remember this is a ‘traditional’ rake, which means it is made of quality materials but traditional design, so obviously no soft grips on the handle. But seems to work well. You look forward to using it in earnest in the autumn. Excellent lawn rake, removes lawn thatch and moss very well but its hard work.

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  • Traditional border fork
  • Mirror polished stainless steel head
  • Rust resistant with minimal soil adhesion
  • Weather proofed hardwood shaft for greater durability
  • One-piece hardwood shaft, split to form a wishbone handle

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